There is a growing need for cutting edge, dynamic interventions that are grounded by evidence based practice and yield results. We can assist you as an individual or your family to create the changes you desire or your workplace to discover its full potential.  We are guided by frameworks such as the Immunity to Change Model, Leadership Circle, Humanistic Leadership and Design Thinking to work through dilemmas and challenges.

About cil consulting & Counselling

We offer a unique blend of clinical and organisational services.  Both Liz and Mat are experienced clinicians, leaders and consultants.  We are passionate about offering public service organisations the support needed to innovate, change and lead during uncertain times.

Liz also works with children, young people and their families to enhance life possibilities and work through complex life challenges.

In 2017, Liz and Mat’s paths crossed at an organisational cultural change forum. Where in passing conversation they both identified there is a gap in change management, innovation and inspirational leadership. Over a coffee and on the back of a serviette they mapped out a concept to address the increasing demands on the public and community that is influenced by the pervasive lack of appropriate resources to make lasting change happen.

Lasting change starts with us as individuals and extends through to the team and the wider organisation.  We are interesting in fostering transformational and innovative leadership practices, both as the author of own lives but also within organisations.

Our Consultants Liz Brnjak and Mathew Kerr have a vast range of experience at a practitioner level right through to Management and Executive Leadership both within Government Departments and non-for profits organisations.

What we offer


Governance & Leadership

Strategic planning
Leadership development

Design thinking

Coaching, team building, training and consultancy to managers, leaders and staff in the following areas:

  • Workplace resilience & culture
  • Enhancement staff performance
  • Workplace investigations,
  • Legislation and compliance
  • Supporting returning mothers to the workforce

Training & Professional Development

We offer a range of training programs

  • Self management and resilience
  • Change management
  • Fostering high performing teams
  • Leadership development
  • Organisational transformation
  • Trauma informed practice




Trauma Informed Practice

Training in trauma informed practice which is suitable for direct care staff and organisations who work in high pressured environments such as Child Protection, Disability and Mental Health
Coaching and support for staff and leaders to deliver trauma informed services to the clients

Clinical counselling, psychotherapy and debriefing

Child, youth and adult mental health counselling

Family therapy


Mental Health assessment

Crisis or mental health staff debriefing

Why Choose cil consulting and counselling?

We live our value proposition of achieving your desired outcomes whilst also being humanistic and demonstrating integrity.

We balance innovative design approaches with theory and evidence based interventions in line with your organisation’s context or individual goals.

We humanize data, we will do a ‘deep dive’ into the dynamics of the what lies beneath the surface to allow us to unpack the true cultural identity and help you to modify or rebuild the organisation you wish to create or the person you wish to become.

who are we?

Mathew Kerr

Mat has a diverse and varied wealth of experience within the Government and Community Service Sector. 

He started out with DHHS in Child Protection, before transitioning across to the non-for-profit sector in various project management and leadership positions within Early Childhood Services, Family Services, Family Violence, Mental Health, Primary Prevention and Disability. Mat is also an accomplished facilitator, with a collaborative and inclusive approach, where his focus is always on the Why? He has experience in creating and delivering programs and training to adults, adolescents and children in a variety of environments including CALD and Indigenous Communities. 

Mat is outcome focused but is a strong advocate that for any position the key performance indicators need to include values and behaviour measures. His view is that you need to take a holistic view to any situation, examine the context and not only look from the top down, but also from the bottom up. 

Mat is passionate about organisational change and believes that a good change
management process begins with taking staff on a journey. While Mat is experienced in recruitment, his focus is often on staff retention and professional development, while recognising that sometimes there is just a lack of fit, so performance management is the only option. 

Mat is qualified in Training and Assessment and Government Investigations along with a variety of client centred risk assessments.

Liz Brnjak

Liz Brnjak is an energetic and dynamic Organisational Consultant and Clinician.

She is process orientated with wide experience in developing innovative and practical solutions for complex organisational problems. 

Liz has consulted, worked and managed in human services, education, community and public mental health.

Her consulting experience includes leadership development, change management, systems and process improvement, training package development, communication strategy design, project coordination and stakeholder management.

Her clinical experience is within the space of mental health and trauma.  Liz uses a psychodynamic approach combined with Mindfulness and Trauma Informed strategies to work through challenging personal difficulties. 

Liz has previously held leadership and management consulting positions at The Australian Childhood Trauma Group, Centre for Leadership and Management (CLM) and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Liz is interested in seeking unique advantages within innovative design thinking and techniques to achieve best outcomes for client and consumer.


Value Proposition

We are a public value based company that works with organisations and individuals to create lasting change.      We are now in a turbulent time where the public sector places significant demands to innovate and create lasting change.  We provide a humansitic and insightful lens to seek out innovative solutions to complex challenges. 

We are passionate about creating real change that leaves an organisation stronger and more financially sustainable rather than change fatigued.

We are engaging and approachable with the view that change comes from collaboration and being human combined with setting goals and developing a defined path for success.



Our Process When You Work With Us

1. Connect and discuss goals

2. Draft proposal/plan and quote for discussion

3. Agree and commence engagement

4. Get to work to achieve your desired outcomes

5. Evaluate progress to stay on track

Get in Contact With US?

If you would like to discuss further please contact us at

liz.brnjak@cilconsultancy.com.au0422 354 844 or

mat.kerr@cilconsultancy.com.au 0404 042 082.